Remote Camps & Industrial Sites

MARINE AND INLAND SERVICES provide all range of products to Remote Camps & Sites. We can support Construction Companies and Mining Industry where they are operating, nevertheless the location. We can make tailor solutions, to comply to our client’s requirements.

We will import or purchase locally, the required products, and hold them in stock in our warehouses. The supplies will occur, accordingly the client’s needs without any stock failure.

All products can be delivered on the site or been picked up in our facilities. For the deliveries, we use our refrigerated vehicles fleet.

Hotel & Restaurants

With this service, MARINE AND INLAND SERVICES tried to answer to a Mozambican Hotel & Restaurant industry need. The increase demand for more sophisticated products in Mozambique, was seen by MARINE & INLAND SERVICES as an opportunity. We work together with our clients, to understand theirs needs/difficulties and offer a solution for their problems. Importation of products, hold a 2/3-month stock in our warehouses and deliver in their door step, is often a solution chosen by our customers.